Millennials are always pushing the envelope and shaking things up. So you might assume, when it comes to sex, that they’d be hanging from sex swings and exploring unchartered territories (interpret that as you will).

Well, not exactly. Most young men and women still look to friends of friends in pursuit of a sexual partner (42%), followed by parties (28%), and dating sites (22%), according to the 2017 SKYN Condoms Millennial Sex Survey. And their favorite sex position? Missionary. (So much for pushing the envelope.)

6 top sex positions and how to train for them

6 top sex positions and how to train for them

How to prep for sex and perform at your best in the bedroom.

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Then again, there are some surprising sex stats that might pique your interest and tickle your fancy. For one, highly sexually active people rank “69” as their most, um, exercised position. For more fascinating findings, keep reading. 


2017 Millennial sex survey infographic
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