If you’re celebrating National Running Day with a jog this evening, don’t leave home without your significant other. Running as a couple can step up your sex life, according to a Brooks Running survey of 1,000 adults ages 18 and older who run at least once per week. 

The report revealed that 66 percent of runners believe they have more sex when they run with their other halves. Men (71 percent) were slightly more likely than women (62 percent) to make the connection.

Distance made a difference, too. The more miles you cover, the bigger payoffs you can expect in the bedroom. According to the survey, 49 percent of couples who rack up six or more miles together claim that their sweat sessions make their sex lives better.

But as closely as running and sex may be related, intimacy’s not a popular topic of conversation when sharing the road with friends. Only 21 percent of runners–men and women were equally tight-lipped–talk about knocking boots.

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Brooks’ survey didn’t just focus on the racy side to running. Five more revealing things about runners:

  • Men enjoy chatting on the run more than their female counterparts. Top topics of conversation: sports and cool new gadgets. You can guess what women are most likely to talk about on group runs—that’s right, relationships, the good and the bad.
  • When asked which late-night television host they would most like to share the road with, 27 percent of runners picked Jimmy Fallon, 22 percent said Chelsea Handler, and 22 went with Jimmy Kimmel.
  • 78 percent of runners said they keep up with running while traveling, and men are more likely to stick to a routine than women (82 percent versus 73 percent).
  • San Francisco ranked as the top runner-friendly city (46 percent), followed by Portland (34 percent), Boston (32 percent), Boulder (30 percent) and New York City (30 percent).
  • If you can’t find a female running companion, don’t despair. Your iPod’s a pretty decent motivator. Eighty-seven percent of runners said they like to listen to something that keeps them on track, whether it’s a heart-pounding playlist, an audiobook or even a motivational speaker. Only 13 percent of runners feel that silence is indeed golden.