Abs and Core Exercises

50 Core Exercises That Use a Ball

Get 6-pack abs with these medicine, slam and stability ball exercises.

50 Core Exercises That Use a Ball

7. Stability Ball: Jackknives 

Start in a straight-arm plank in front of the stability ball. Place the tops of your feet on the ball. Bend your knees toward your chest, using your feet to roll the ball forward. Re-extend your legs. Repeat. 

8. Stability Ball: Pike-ups

Come into a straight-arm plank with your toes or shins resting on the stability ball. With control, pike your hips up while bringing your head between your arms, keeping your arms, shoulders, and back in alignment. Lower down and repeat.

9. Stability Ball: Ball Crunches

Lie with your midback resting on a stability ball, knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Cross your arms across your chest and do slow, deliberate crunches, using your abs to pull your upper body forward. 

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10. Stability Ball: Wipers

Lie down on a mat. Place the stability ball between your lower legs, and your arms out like a T on the floor. Holding your legs up toward the sky, ball firmly pinched, slowly lower your legs to one side, going only as low as you can control with your opposite oblique. Bring your legs back to center, then over to the other side. Repeat.

11. Stability Ball: Plank Walkouts

Come on top of a stability ball face down. Place your hands down on the floor and walk out on your hands to a plank with your feet on the ball. Reverse the direction to come back atop the ball, and repeat.

12. Stability Ball: Side Plank

Set yourself in a side plank position, with your forearm resting on top the ball and one foot stacked on top of the other. Make it harder by extending the top arm so fingers are pointing to the ceiling, by lifting your top leg up, or by doing both. Hold for the time allotted before coming down and doing the other side.

13. Stability Ball: Flutterkicks

Rest chest-down on top of the stability ball, with your hands on the floor on either side. Pick up your feet and extend them long behind you, then proceed to kick them from the hips, as if you were swimming.