Abs and Core Exercises

What's the Difference: Slam Ball vs. Medicine Ball

Know the difference between these spherical tools, and use them to boost your power output while working up a sweat.

Man performing medicine ball slam
Per Bernal / M+F Magazine

Both offer a variety of benefits for building stronger abs, but what exactly are the key differences between the medicine ball and the slam ball? We break it down below.

Medicine Ball

Both balls can range anywhere from two to 50 pounds, but the main difference is that a medicine ball is softer, is a little larger in diameter, and will bounce back when tossed against a wall or slammed to the floor—some balls have less bounce than others.

Best for: Wall tosses, diagonal chops, pushups, and partner drills—like situps to overhead tosses and chest passes.

Slam Ball

A slam ball is more compact and built with a harder shell. It’s made to be thrown anywhere—inside, outside, your mom’s basement. And because it won’t bounce back, you can throw it as hard as humanly possible.

Best for: Overhead slams, broad jumps to passes, lateral throws, chest passes.


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