Shoulder Exercises

Shock Your Shoulders for More Muscle Growth

Build bigger delts and a wider torso with this rest-pause centric workout

Shock Your Shoulders for More Muscle Growth

Every now and then a muscle group needs a jolt of something intense – a workout you’ve never done before that will spark new muscle growth and strength. Below is just such a workout for the shoulders. The routine gets going with a brief but brutal rest-pause scheme for overhead dumbbell presses, then finishes off all three delt heads with a shrug, a flye and a face pull for high reps. Before getting into the workout, make sure your shoulders are warmed up with some light lateral raises and overhead presses. Then, have it at.

Training Protocols: Rest-Pause with Reps-Based Training

Benefits of Rest-Pause Method:

Shortened rest periods increase the intensity, release more natural muscle-building hormones and charge resting metabolism rates for hours after the workout is over.

Increased mental toughness.

Increased workout efficiency, high impact and decreased time in the gym.

Benefits of Reps-Based Method:

By only focusing on the targeted rep range, you simplify the workout and can concentrate on each set and each repetition.

Because each set does not have a fixed number of repetitions, you only perform quality reps and terminate the set when form breaks down.

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