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4 Abs Exercises for a Ripped Midsection

Sculpt your abs anywhere in 10 minutes.

4 Ab Exercises For a Ripped Midsection
Duration 10 Min
Exercises 4
Equipment X

Contrary to popular belief, abs are probably the easiest body part to train when you’re short on time and low on equipment. All you need is a floor. The next time you’re in a hotel, or your gym is closed for renovations, whip this workout out, which trains the abs (upper and lower) and the deep core muscles in only 10 minutes.

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Quick Tip: Sliders create instability and recruit more muscle. Available at, starting at $30.

Speed Session: 10-Minute Ab Workout

Exercise 1

Sprinter Situp How to
exercise image placeholder
3 sets
10 (each side) reps
30 sec rest
Lie supine, legs extended. Bend your right hip and knee 90 degrees. Perform a situp, swinging left arm forward and right arm back. Repeat on opposite side.

Exercise 2

Lying Leg Raise How to
Leg Raise thumbnail
3 sets
10 reps
30 sec rest
Lie faceup, grasping a bench or sturdy object with hands over and behind your head. Extend and raise your legs 90 degrees. Lower to just above the floor.

Exercise 3

Scissor Kick How to
Scissor Kick thumbnail
3 sets
20 (each side) reps
30 sec rest
In the same position as above, spread legs apart and back together. A crossover is one rep.

Exercise 4

Alligator Walks
exercise image placeholder
3 sets
5 (forward and back) reps
60 sec rest
Bend your elbow 90 degrees, raise your arm 90 degrees, and rest your forearm against a door frame and stretch the pec and delt.