The Rock Posts the Team Hercules Shoulders Workout

The Rock gives us the shoulder workout that he used to get massive for 'Hercules.'

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The Rock posted the fourth workout in his Team Hercules series of workouts and diet tips (the first three were as follows: back workout, chest workout and arms workout). His Team Hercules training program outlines the grueling regimen The Rock followed before and during the shooting of Hercules, which opens on July 25. Check out the shoulders workout below, which was accompanied by this message:

"That 'special time' again.. SHOULDERS. My delt workout for the 5 months I filmed HERCULES in Budapest. Push yourself and go heavy on your presses and concentrate on form for your raises. If you grab it off the rack, you better control it - no sloppy movements. Enjoy the pain and have fun.. #Delts #GymRatGumbo #TeamHercules"

The Rock wants you to keep him up to speed by posting photos and videos to #teamhercules. Here is the shoulders workout:

Over the weekend, The Rock also posted some dumbbell row action from the gym: "Rumble rumble... slab training w/ 140lb dumbbell rows. 4 set pyramid. #SilverbackBeHungry #FOCUS #TeamHercules"