Single-Arm Standing Cable Reverse Flye

The single-arm standing cable reverse flye is an isolation exercise for the rear deltoids of the shoulder. Performing the exercise with the adjustable cable machine will allow for more control of the resistance.


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    Stand next to one side of an adjustable cable machine. Hold the D-handle attachment with your outside hand, palm facing your inside oblique. Keep the elbow bent and pointing outward.
  2. Single-Arm Standing Cable Reverse Flye
    Brace your core, squeeze the shoulders together, and pull the handle across your body until your arm is almost fully extended. Slowly retract back to starting position

Trainer’s Tips

  • Avoid straightening your arm completely during the movement. Instead, keep the working arm slightly bent the entire time.
  • Avoid lifting too heavy too soon. Work up to a weight that does not jeopardize form.