Quest and Gabby Douglas Really Want You to Try the New Hero Bar

Get ready for a sinfully sweet, heroically nutritious protein bar.

Quest Bar Vanilla Caramel
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Chances are you’ve tried a Quest Bar, and you probably know who Gabby Douglas is (Ahem! She’s a three-time Olympic Gold medalist, and she’s only 22…crazy respect!), but have you seen them together? To announce the brand new Quest Hero Bar, the makers of the Quest Bar teamed up with the Olympian to introduce you to this protein bar that looks and tastes like a candy bar. So, you know, basically that thing you dream about every day.

Definitely check out the video with Gabby right here—she’s great in it. And if you need further convincing to always have a box of Hero Bars on top of your fridge, get the full details on the bar below the video.

Hero Bar falls right in the middle between a traditional Quest Bar (~20g protein) and a Beyond Cereal Bar (12g protein). Depending on the flavor, Hero Bars have 15-17g of protein per bar. Along with that, you also get 10-11g dietary fiber and under 200 calories per bar. So what about the flavors? There are three to choose from, Blueberry Cobbler, Vanilla Caramel, and Chocolate Caramel Pecan. And honestly, these are protein bars, but you’ve never tried one that tastes and looks like this. Gooey caramel and blueberry filling provide that satisfying string of sweet stuff after every bite, but the bars themselves have very little sugar…technically.

Hero Bars use a rare sugar called Allulose. So when you flip over the bar, don't flip over the sugar content. Since Allulose is required to be included in the sugars on the nutrition facts panel (like Erythritol used to) you'll see relatively high sugar content for a Quest product. Just keep in mind that allulose isn’t table sugar, has about 1/10th the caloric value of sucrose and doesn’t cause a massive blood sugar spike. So when you calculate the Net Carbs, you’ll see Hero Bars come in at a very agreeable 4g. You can learn more about Allulose from this video provided by Quest.

There are talks that the FDA may pull Allulose from being labeled as a sugar into its own category like sugar alcohol Erythritol, but the only thing that moves slower than a government agency is a newbie after their first leg day. So go in armed with that knowledge. And if you want to test out this new miracle protein bar, check out Quest’s website to place an order today


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