Amanda Doherty

Amanda Doherty

Talk about a comeback. Amanda Doherty was out of the competition game for eight years when she chose to step back on stage.

Doherty competed in her first event at age 19. She quickly became a regular at many Australian and world amateur competitions. With determination and the help of her now husband, Tony Doherty, she earned her pro card.

Knowing that her passion for the sport would never fade, Doherty chose to step off stage so her and Tony could begin building their family. But she couldn’t keep away for long, she entered a competition after her first two children were born. And then Doherty actually took a break, an eight year break. However, Doherty had never stopped working out during that time. Good nutrition and weight training was, and is, her way of life.

Doherty’s first competition back was the Sheru Classic in Delhi, India thanks to an invite. The journey to the Sheru Classic was not easy, but extremely fulfilling. She had learned more about herself.  Moving forward, Doherty’s main motivation with competing  is to inspire other mothers.

Competition History

Year League Competition Place
2016 Arnold Classic Australia 6th
2016 Arnold Classic Ohio 7th
2015 Arnold Classic Australia 9th
2015 Arnold Classic Ohio 11th
2014 PBW Championships - Tampa Pro 7th
2014 Australian Grand Prix 4th
2014 Arnold Classic Ohio 10th
2013 Australian Grand Prix 6th