Mike Weitzman

Mike Weitzman


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The super heavy weight class in the National Physique Committee has had a strong showing in pro qualifiers for the past couple of years and the 2012 USA Championships in Las Vegas, NV looks to be no exception. One man who looks to have his name thrown into the race for a pro card in the Super Heavyweight class is Mike Weitzman.

Hailing from Victorville, California and a Truenutrition.com athlete (supplement line started by Dante Trudel) Weitzman stands at 5’8” at over 230 pounds and is eager to step onstage at the USA’s and take his chance at the national level and be mentioned with names like Max Charles, Kevin Jordan and Dusty Hanshaw. The 36 year old came into the sport of bodybuilding by playing sports in high school.

Place of Birth: Victorville, California