M&F: The first season of Claws was a big hit, but plenty of folks still haven’t seen it. What would you tell guys who are hesitant to dial it up? 

K.T.: Men seem to think that because it revolves around women in a nail salon, Claws is only for females. But they don’t realize there’s drugs, crime, sex, and all this crazy stuff going on.

Your character is a former stripper who is fond of pink fur coats, thigh-high boots, and lollipops. Would she ever set foot in a gym? 

Virginia would enter a gym just to do some squats for her booty. That’s probably the only reason. And her gym outfit would be absolutely ridiculous. Her hair would be done, her makeup would be done, her nails would be done. She’ll make sure she looks cute first, and then she’ll worry about the workout.

Is that how you are at the gym? 

No. I always want to make sure my eyebrows and my eyelashes are on. But I don’t like to have heavy makeup or anything like that. When you’re sweating, that makeup goes into your face. I do like to wear cute little gym outfits. Not like Virginia, though.

How often do you train? 

At least three times a week. I do hot yoga and barre classes. Barre is good for the thighs and the booty, and I’m all about the booty. I also work with a trainer in the gym. I use machines. I do squats and sumo squats with the bar on my shoulders, and lunges with dumbbells. I’m tiny, so I don’t want to use too much weight. I don’t want to be a little stick with muscle.

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Sounds like a solid regimen. 

Yeah, I’m trying to take care of the mind, body, and soul.

What’s your diet like? 

I cut out red meat and pork. I want to be slim thick: slim but still kind of thick at the same time. Because if I go on a strict diet, I become too thin, and I lose all the fat in my body. I’ve been eating more vegetables. I love kale now. Oh, and I drink lots of water. Water’s like my best friend.

Got a favorite cheat meal? 

In-N-Out Burger used to be my cheat meal. I love In-N-Out, but I don’t eat red meat anymore, so I’ll get the grilled cheese. It isn’t as good as a cheeseburger, but it’ll do for now.

You were once a celebrity stylist. Do you have any style tips for guys at the gym? 

Try to wear something that matches. A nice pair of shorts and a tank top or T-shirt.

How do you feel about dudes wearing compression pants with no shorts? 

To each his own. If you want to show off the booty, why not?

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