Family Business

I think in this political climate, people want a little good news, they want a little hope, and that’s why The Good Doctor is resonating. And playing Dr. Neil Melendez is a dream job because my father and brother are both surgeons. They love the show, but now people respect me as if I were a doctor, which is both hilarious and frustrating for my brother. I always tell him, “It looks like we’ve got three doctors in the family.” And he’s just like, “Shut up.”

Scholastic Speedster

When I was the Texas high school champion in the mile and two mile, I was 125 pounds. Just lungs and legs. I had a bit of a weights regimen, and that continued once I started running at Stanford, but endurance was at the core of everything I did. I turned more to weight training as my film and TV career progressed, and I got further from my running roots.

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Evolving Approach

With new roles it’s kind of a joke among friends and family: “Oh, do you have your shirt on?” But I’m 42 years old, I listen to my body, and lately working out has really changed for me. I still do strength training, but I also work in three to four days of hot yoga a week. I want to feel good, be active, and handle a long day standing on set.


I think a diet higher in fat, especially when you’re active, can be really productive for the body. Something I love lately is FatCoffee, a high-quality butter-and-coconut-oil mixture you can pour right into your coffee. What’s beautiful is that the company gives a lot back to autism research.

Fitter Father

I have a 1-year-old daughter. When you become a parent, it’s easy to get caught up in everything about the child. But my wife and I realize it’s important to take care of ourselves so we can better raise our kid. You should promote activity as much as you can, setting a good example but also realizing that’s where the play is: not in video games but in getting outside and using your body. And you want to live longer for your child—that’s the best incentive.

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