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Nick Bare’s inspiring story of overcoming adversity and using discipline to guide his success as an entrepreneur with Bare Performance Nutrition (BPN) reminds us that we can break through barriers and achieve success with focus and determination.

Below are highlights from Bare’s interview with Zack Zeigler, host of the M&F Reps podcast. In this interview, Nick discusses his experiences, strategies for success, and how discipline shapes his life.

Discipline: A Key to Success

Nick Bare launched Bare Performance Nutrition (BPN) in 2012 from his college apartment in Western Pennsylvania. Bare, also a former Army Ranger, ultramarathoner, and author has brought BPN to serious success since the days of bootstrapping it. In a recent episode of the M&F Reps podcast, hosted by our Chief Content Officer/Editor-in-Chief Zack Zeigler, Bare talks about his journey and how his dedication to fitness and metnal discipline has played a crucial role in his success.

Developing Discipline in Life

“I think it starts with getting that first win,” Bare says. “I’m a big fan of Tim Grover’s book ‘Winning,’ and he talks about how we’re born with no wins, and sometimes we need that first win.”

Overcoming an Eating Disorder

During the interview, Nick opened up about his teenage struggle with an eating disorder, something he hadn’t discussed publicly for many years. “I still don’t know what kind of kickstarted it and why,” he shared. “It was just this control, and I wanted to be thinner and thinner and thinner, and I became afraid of food itself.” Despite the challenges, Nick managed to rebuild a healthy relationship with food and has since supported others who have faced similar issues.

From Discipline to Success

Nick’s journey from struggling with an eating disorder and the need for control to becoming a disciplined Army Ranger and successful entrepreneur has not been an easy one. However, his experiences have molded him into the strong and disciplined person he is today.

More About BPN:

    • BPN was founded in 2012 by Nick Bare in Killeen, Texas, United States. The company’s headquarters is still located in Killeen, Texas.
    • BPN focuses on helping individuals find their full potential. They also have a training app, and all their products are tested for banned substances and built on quality without compromise.
    • BPN is known for its commitment to ingredient transparency and quality. All of their products are tested for banned substances and use only scientifically-researched ingredients to ensure maximum effectiveness.

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