Arnold Schwarzenegger has been busy loading a second series of movie quote videos to Mark The recent launch Escape Plan. Check out the first part before getting stuck into these videos!

Like the first series of videos, we decided to match each of Arnold’s clips with the original, so you guys could decide which one you like the most.

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Our executive editor kicked the second part of his movie quotes with another classic moment from Predator. Check out the nice improv work that Arnold did on this one to get the gun shot!

Here is the the original clip with Arnold and Carl Weathers playing the role of Major George Dillon:

You might want to shield young ears and pop on some headphones for this Predator moment, which contains some strong language.

Here is the original clip:

Next up we have a couple of doozies from Commando. Sully, played by David Patrick Kelly, really pissed off Arnold’s character John Matrix in the 1985 film. First we have the remix:

And now the original:

Like I said, Sully really got on the wrong side of John Matrix in this one!

And from the movie: