Anyone who follows the NFL knows that J.J. Watt is a beast on the field, and those that follow Muscle & Fitness know he’s also a beast in the training room. The epitome of hard work, dedication and sacrifice, Watt leaves it all on the turf or in the weight room. While millions see him each Sunday, crushing quarterbacks and running backs, few see the amount of work he puts into his training to get the upperhand on the competition each week.

With the Houston Texan’s 2015 NFL season about to begin, fans of Watt are looking forward to the big man’s domination on the field. And while it helps to be 6’5″ 288 lbs., it takes a whole lot more to be a success at the highest level of the game.

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Watt followed his dream to play pro football, and pushed himself to the limits to reach his objective. If enough time, sweat, and effort are put towards that goal, that lock in moment is achieved. “I wanted to be here, I thought I could be here, and I worked to be here, so I’m here,” says the standout defensive lineman.