Mayweather Promotions Reserves, Then Cancels MGM Grand Venue in Las Vegas for August 26

Just when we thought fight negotiations were making headway, the possibility of this superfight is in limbo.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Fight
Ezra Shaw / Staff

When Mayweather Promotions officially books a venue at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, fight fans are definitely going to take notice. Especially when speculation has been flying for months about a dream fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Conor McGregor. 

Rain was quickly poured on this parade when Mayweather Promotions retracted the request for the date, according to The scheduled event was for August 26. 

This news is coming from Nevada Athletic Commission executive director Bob Bennett, who says the situation is very much up in the air. 

Early on, many believed this battle of champions from different sports was just pure fantasy that would never actually lead to anything more than conjecture from boxing and MMA aficionados. However, despite the cancellation, the pieces are starting to fall into place. Though no official word has been given by the Mayweather camp as to why it reserved the MGM Grand Garden Arena in the first place.

Should this crossover fight become a reality this summer in Las Vegas, it very well may be one of the most lucrative in the history of the sport. The larger-than-life personalities have been throwing verbal jabs at one another for months, intimating how each would finish off the inferior foe. 

So where does Mayweather's potential opponent stand on the subject? Both McGregor and the UFC have let it be known that they're on board for the superfight. The Notorious even teased his Twitter followers with some upcoming exciting news earlier as he said, "Something BIG is coming."

Of course, we still need both fighters to officially sign on the dotted line before we start saving up for PPV. Nevertheless, the wheels seem to be somewhat in motion, despite this latest action from Team Mayweather.

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