DeAngelo Williams isn’t the only professional football player to have made the jump from the gridiron to the ring, but his career as a professional wrestler may have been the most short lived. 

After his impressive debut at Global Force Wrestling Slammiversary 15, the free agent running back told ESPN’s Adam Schefter that it would be his last appearance in the ring. 

“It was a one-shot deal,” he said. “A lot of the things that I do, if not all the things that I do, has a meaning to it. I don’t do it just because the opportunity came.” So why did the talented NFL RB risk life, limb, and career by getting into the squared circle in the first place? Aside from being physically capable, he did it to honor his late uncle. 

And although the 34-year-old Williams won the tag team match with his partner Moose against Eli Drake and Chris Adonis, not all went according to plan. As you’ll see in the video below, Williams overshot the table during his frog splash move.

Williams said the mishap looked worse on video than in reality: “It wasn’t my face that hit the mat. I kind of protected my face with my hands, my arms. But you couldn’t see that part. What happened is in practice when I was coming off, I didn’t have the adrenaline going. So I didn’t get high and it was easy. When I got in the ring and the crowd was cheering and my adrenaline was pumping, I got super high and I was up there forever. And I’m like, ‘This is not how I practiced it.’ And when I came down, I overshot it a little bit. And when I overshot it, the way that I landed, my back took most of the force. But the table gave a little bit. It goes to show too that the tables are real…There’s nothing fake about that.”

Nor is there anything fake about Williams’ chiseled physique and level of conditioning. The man is a beast who will now be looking to do his damage on the football field. He may not be back with the Steelers this year, but we’re betting this tough-nosed back will be a welcome addition to some NFL team looking for a veteran who can move the ball in heavy traffic.