The Rock has been brilliant at keeping fans updated on how shooting for Hercules has been going in Budapest, Hungary, via Twitter and Instagram. The 41-year-old’s latest Instagram video (see below) combines his solid workout advice and great sense of humor.  Check out the advice and then watch the video.

But on top of his envy-worthy physique, The Rock has another reason to make people jealous according to Forbes. Between June 2012 and June 2013, he earned a whopping $46 million, placing him fifth in the top earning actors list for that period. And guess who romps in at number four? None other than The Rock’s Pain & Gain co-star, Mark Wahlberg, who banked $52 million during the same period. The hard work in the gym and dedication to achieving their goals is literally paying off big time for both men.

But back to the back workout. The Rock wrote: “Trained slabs (back) today before going to set to film. Try launching into your back routine w/ this superset opener: Wide grip pull ups straight to cable pull downs. 5 sets. Control your reps til failure. (If you can’t do wide grip pull ups then lat pull downs work fine). Do this right and your lats will be full of blood, on fire and ready to get destroyed. If it hurts too much then you should get your ass outta the gym and go highlight your hair. Kissing your bicep at the end of great workout is always a must;) #Focus #HaveSomeFun #BringIt”