The Rock is taking preparation for Hercules very seriously. He has been keeping fans up to date on his schedule via Twitter, and some of his tweets are both insightful and hilarious. Take this first one of him in the gym:

The Rock has also teased his followers with production shots from the set of Hercules. This shot is of Hercules’ helmet, which is a little reminiscent of those used in 300 and Gladiator, but with each tweet he is cleverly building up anticipation of what fans can expect.

In this tweet, he shares the set with a shot of him in character from behind. Hercules: The Thracian Wars is set for a 2014 release and also stars Ian McShane, John Hurt, and Rufus Sewell. Brett Ratner is in the director’s chair.

We couldn’t let the post pass without some Rock humor, which he duly provided in this update from July 5: