The Rock has been in an inspirational frame of mind lately on Twitter. Let’s face it, it looks like the man has more energy than the Duracell bunny, but more power to him. Working and sweating your you-know-whats off in the gym can be a grind, but when that next set looks impossible or that last rep seems like a challenge too far, then channel the words of Mr. Johnson so you can ‘train Insane and enjoy the fun pain.”

The Rock preceded that tweet with one that puts everything into perspective. No one is ever going to get everything 100 percent right, but it’s putting 100 percent effort in every time that counts:

Eagle-eyed fight fans will spot none other than Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini (29-5, 23 KOs) on The Rock’s t-shirt. Mancini is the former WBA lightweight champion of the world and hails from Youngstown, Ohio. He was one of the most exciting fighters of the early 1980s, but his life and career were impacted greatly by his November 13, 1982, fight with Deuk-Koo Kim in Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. The South Korean, who was knocked out in the fourteenth round, sadly died four days later from the injuries he sustained during the match. Check out some highlights from Mancini’s career: