Could you imagine the tag team of Ronnie Coleman and Hulk Hogan during their respective primes? While that’s sadly a reality we’ll never get to see, the two living legends sure do seem to have some chemistry over social media.

Hogan recently posted a video of himself doing some seated cable rows, and not only did his best Coleman impersonation (even shouting out “yeah buddy” at one point) but even tagged “The King” himself in his workout video.


Coleman promptly commented, “Yeah Buddy, let’s make it happen!! The world wouldn’t be ready for our tag team duo.” (Could you imagine Ronnie in the NWO, or part of a bigger and better Mega Powers?)

The eight-time Mr. Olympia, an apparent Hulkamaniac, reposted the video a few days later and wrote some words of admiration for the man with 24-inch pythons.

“10 surgeries ain’t no joke but Champions always find a way back to the top,” Ronnie wrote in the post, which you can see here. Hogan, like “The King,” has had multiple surgeries due to his long career in the squared circle.

Despite their numerous operations and injuries, both Hulk and Ronnie have not stopped working out. Even in their old age they’re looking to inspire people to stay fit and active — an admirable trait to have no matter what age you are.

While we can’t see them in the ring together, it’ll be exciting to witness a dual workout — Ronnie said he’s looking forward to visiting Hogan’s home gym the next time he’s in Florida.

Ain’t nothin’ but a peanut, brother!