Thomas "TD" Davis Sets New Raw Bench Press Record of 622.5 Pounds

The corrections officer crushes previous raw BP record on his final attempt.

When it comes to big lifts on the bench, Thomas "TD" Davis is no newcomer to the challenge. As a powerlifter, Davis has put his strength to the test on many occasions. However, it was his third attempt at the International Powerlifting Federation’s (IPF) World RAW Bench Press Championships in South Africa this past weekend that stands out from all the rest. In an incredible display of mental and physical might, Davis lifted 622.5 pounds, for a new world record -- surpassing the previous mark of 617.5 pounds, according to the IPF.

The nickname "TD" should stand for Total Domination, because that's exactly what the 24-year-old, corrections officer did to the competition on his way to winning the gold medal at the event.

Davis really stepped it up with each new lift. The first attempt was good for an impressive 567.5 pounds; his next try garnered 600 pounds, and he saved the best for last with the record-breaking 622.5 pound lift. Davis said to WNDU in Indiana that his “ultimate” goal is to compete in the Olympics one day. Judging from the man's evident strength and determination, we're confident his goal will be achieved.

Although lifting may come easy, the journey for the 6'3" 410-pound, powerlifter has been anything but. Check out the video below to learn about some of the adversity Davis had to overcome along the way. 

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