UFC 217 was for sure a card to remember, not just for it’s heart-pumping matches, but for the future fights that may come from it. One of those possibilities includes T.J. Dillashaw dropping down to 125 pounds in an attempt to snatch Demetrious Johnson’s flyweight belt.

At UFC 217, Dillashaw grabbed the bantamweight belt from his former Team Alpha Male teammate, Cody Garbrandt, with a second-round knockout. Immediately after the fight, he made his intentions for his next opponent loud and clear. “Demetrious Johnson, I’m coming for you. You got that record that is fake, you know it. You should have been fighting me, you dodged me.”

Take a look at the video below to feel the conviction in Dillashaw’s message:

It doesn’t appear that he’s just blowing smoke either, since UFC President Dana White is in favor of the matchup as well. During the post-fight press conference, White said, “He’s [Demetrious Johnson] been crying a long time for a big fight, he’s got his fight now. You know I’m down for it.” He also mentioned that the fight will be more enticing due to the fact that both fighters are current belt holders in different divisions.

Johnson has successfully defended his belt 12 times over the course of five years. He has yet to reply to Dillashaw’s callout, but it looks like we may have a dream matchup in the making. 

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