Top 5 NFL Draft Day Busts

Many top picks stunk up the field, but these guys were the rancid icing on the cake.


Smart pro football fans will tell you that smart draft picks can help vault a team from the cellar to the Superbowl. Elway, Marino, Brady, and Manning (Peyton and Eli), are just a few of the gifted athletes who helped make their teams perennial winners. Picks like these had fans filling the seats, while singing the praises of their team's brilliant front office.

And then there’s the flip side – those highly projected players who turn out to crumble the hopes and dreams of entire cities desperate for a winner.

With so much on the line, there’s no bigger draft day fear than selecting a 1st round dud who can bring shame and ridicule to a franchise for years to come. It may be of little consolation to those GMs who wasted millions on a top pick who didn’t produce, but every year there's sure to be a new batch of draft day flops. And while there are many worthy of the list, there’s only room for the top 5 draft day busts at this table.

#5: Lawrence Phillips

Year: 1996

Pick: 6th

Team: St. Louis Rams

Position: QB

Sometimes raw talent alone isn’t enough. Just look at Lawrence Phillips who was loaded with it (as seen in the video below). Unfortunately, he also had a talent for getting into trouble, which may explain his 10-year stint in the slammer for assault with a deadly weapon. And to think the Rams passed up Marvin Harrison and Ray Lewis for this guy who would rush for only 14 touchdowns in a disappointing 4-year, pro career.