Watch This Man Learn to Muscle-Up in 93 Days

After training for a total of 31 hours, YouTuber Mike Boyd was able to master the challenging move.

Watch This Man Learn to Muscle-Up in 93 Days
Mike Boyd / YouTube

Muscle-ups aren't easy, even for long-time gym rats. The combination of strength and form they demand takes time to learn, but one guy decided to try and master them as quickly as possible.

Mike Boyd documented his muscle-up journey on his YouTube channel as a part of his series Learn Quick. As you may have guessed, the point is to learn different skills in as little time as he can. In this case, he started off able to do five unassisted pullups and worked his way up to five unassisted muscle-ups in 93 days, a total of 31 hours of training.

He took video of the entire process, from knocking out countless pullups and dips, to band-assisted reps, and, finally, reaching his goal of five unassisted muscle-ups. 

Watch the video below to see how Boyd did it: