The Workout For Everyone: SPARTAN SGX

Find out how the coaching certification Spartan SGX is changing the fitness and personal training landscape.

The Workout For Everyone: SPARTAN SGX


At 6’2” and 205 pounds, Nicholas is no skinny ultra-runner and there’s a host of big, strong SGX coaches, for example strongman competitor and athlete coach Todd Cambio, C.S.C.S., SGX, who are athletic enough to run these races. That’s what SGX is all about: creating mentally tough well-rounded athletes. It’s basically a certification that has A.D.D.-it can’t focus on just one element of fitness since building both aerobic and anaerobic training are crucial to being a better athlete.

For fitness junkies that don’t want to coach, attending SGX classes will offer a unique move set and provide goal-based training.

“You’ll get a lot of content you aren’t used to and if you keep an open mind, you understand they are so many different realms of fitness,” Nicholas says. “More fitness education creates a dynamic within yourself where you can determine from what you’re learning what your perfect workout is.”

If you already are a personal trainer, becoming an SGX coach may broaden your clientele since once you become certified, you’ll be able to use the Spartan SGX logo for marketing purposes, receive free Spartan Races, you’ll be listed on the SGX coach finder where people can contact you to take a class, plus other benefits.

“When you discuss goals with clients ask if they’re involved in Spartan Races or have any interest in obstacle races,” Nicholas says. “Sometimes, you can put that bug in someone’s ear and all of a sudden preparing for a race becomes a goal.”

Obstacle race training can be compared to the likes of mixed martial arts training in many ways. First, many companies are opening studios designed for training in both of these sports. Second, even those that are not competing at an elite level train like a fighter/obstacle racer just for the fitness benefits. Third, people seem to be afraid to start training these ways.

“One of the biggest barriers with people to do these races is they’re intimidated and they don’t think they can get through it,” Nicholas says. “I think SGX has a very strong chance of being a leader in certifications through the sheer impact of how many people are excited and getting involved with obstacle racing.”

What’s the biggest takeaway from an SGX workshop and training like an athlete? Do burpees. Like a lot of them, right now.



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