Two-Time NCAA Division I wrestling champion Nick Gwiazdowski of NC State is entering his senior season and aiming for greatness beyond what he’s already achieved.

“After college, I’m looking to make the Olympic team and win medals,” Gwiazdowski says matter-of-factly. “I never say I can’t do something, because I surprise myself sometimes.” 

A wrestler since first grade, Gwiazdowski is on a 55-match winning streak with an NCAA record of 107-11 going into the season. One-on-one work with a strength coach has been key to his success.

“We train full body three to four days a week,” Gwiazdowski says. “We do vertical- and lateral-speed drills; power cleans; bench presses; deadlifts; pullups; and dumbbell, TRX, and resistance-band moves.” 

For conditioning, Gwiazdowski does sprints on the Schwinn Airdyne bike and hill sprints. Speed is top priority, even at 260 pounds.

“If I can keep good balance and execute moves quickly, it leaves a problem for guys who aren’t used to that,” he says. “When you combine speed with sharp technique, it’s tough to beat.”

The first Wolfpack wrestler to win back-to-back NCAA titles, Gwiazdowski looks to make history again by earning the trifecta.

“My goal is to win another championship. Every time I go out there, I’ll be prepared.” 

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