After suffering season-ending knee injuries during his freshman and junior years at Stony Brook University, Connor Davis faced an uncertain future. But the 6’8″ tight end kept working and came back stronger than ever. “I had to keep my eye on the things that drive me and just focus on what I could do to get better one day at a time,” he says. It paid off, and Davis was drafted by the Birmingham Iron, part of the new eight-team Alliance of American Football league that kicks off its inaugural season in February. “Every month I’m working to perfect my craft,” Davis says. “I’m just excited to hit the field and show what I can do.”


To prep for the pros, Davis works with Test Football Academy in New Jersey, as well as former NFL receiver Qadry Ismail. On training days, he begins each morning with speed and agility drills and functional-movement patterns, using tools like kettlebells, medicine balls, and resistance bands. This nontraditional and innovative training method has been a game changer for Davis. Then in the afternoon, he hits the weight room. “There’s just something about throwing around a ton of weight that really gets me amped,” he says.


Even the best athletes need a little help. That’s why Davis supplements with CarnoSyn beta-alanine to increase muscle, strength, and endurance. “CarnoSyn provides an edge for me,” he says. “It allows me to attack my workouts with a higher intensity on a daily basis and also to maintain that intensity for longer.” Davis adds that CarnoSyn’s impact starts with his training and carries over directly onto the field, providing noticeable results. “CarnoSyn allows me to continuously move and push myself at full speed, which pays huge dividends.”

Davis’ Upper-Body Workout

Whether you’re training for the pros or just want to look better shirtless, this upper-body workout will pack on muscle.

 Exercise Sets  Reps
 BB Bench Press*    5  8/5/5/3/3 
 TRX Rear-Delt Fly    3  8-10
 Landmine Shoulder Press    3  8-10 
 Landmine Row   3  6 
 Incline DB Bench Press    4  6-8 
 Weighted Chinup    4  6-8

*After sets are complete, Davis finishes with a 275-pound AMRAP dropset.

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