Matthew Lowe looks to make his third try a charm by securing a spot on the USA Men’s Swimming Team for the 2012 London Summer Olympics. The Minot, North Dakota native will travel two states south to the Olympic Trials in Omaha, Nebraska where he will swim the 100m breaststroke, 200m breaststroke and 50m freestyle.

Lowe grew up watching his two older sisters swim at DI schools and started swimming when he was five years old. He stroked his way to two U.S. National titles and other medals until falling short of Team USA in 2004 when he was in high school and in 2008 as a top Texas Longhorn swimmer.

Sponsored by USANA Health Sciences, Lowe has had the best performances of his life since using their supplements.

M&F: What major changes have you made since the 2008 Olympic Trials?

ML: I added USANA products to my diet, which have boosted my recovery. I am also more mature now and learned to care of my body outside of the pool using therapies like chiropractic, massage, acupuncture and foam rolling. One of my coaches at Texas said, “It is in you somewhere. You just have to find it”. My goal since 2008 has been to find that spark and get back on track. I have put in the work, did everything there is to do to take care of my body and now I just have to go out there and swim my best race.

M&F: Who inspired you growing up?

ML: I was a sports fan as a kid so I can pick out a number of different people that inspired me. One of them is Tom Jager, the former world record holder of the 50m freestyle.

M&F: What is your training like during preparation for a meet?

ML: Throughout the season, I do about nine two-hour swimming workouts a week and two to three dry land or weight sessions a week that last over an hour each. In the gym I mainly squat, bench, and do cleans, circuit training and core workouts.

M&F: Do you do any exercises that might surprise people?

ML: I use a homemade exercise tool called “Wheels”. You put your knees on a wooden 2×4 that has two wheels on each side. Then, you crawl with your hands and drag your body up an incline. I built some wheels to show people in North Dakota and the swimmers that use them have seen how relevant it is to the muscles we use. Everyone tells me to patent it and sell it. If you see me on an infomercial for “Wheels”, you heard it first.

M&F: What does your diet consist of?

ML: I have a clean, well balanced diet that consists of plant-based foods like fruits, vegetables, olive oil and nut butters, and get in good portions of protein through fish, chicken and lean red meats. For supplements, I take USANA’s multivitamins, fish oil, Vitamin B and glucosamine.

M&F: What are your hobbies outside of training?

ML: I’m a big fan of golf. I also like hunting, fishing, and rock climbing.

M&F: What advice do you have for people who exercise?

ML: It is important to take some time to relax from your sport or weightlifting routine. As soon as you are done with your sport or workout, you need to start a recovery process so you can come back stronger, healthier and ready to go the next day.

M&F: What are your plans for after the Olympics?

ML:I have been accepted to chiropractic school so after the summer I will figure out where I want to go. Besides that, I want to stay involved with athletes and help them realize that a healthy body is a body that can perform.

Age: 26

Height: 6’0″

Weight: 172 lbs

Residence: Minot, North Dakota

Twitter: @ma_lowe