Clayton Curl Exercise

Add this arm exercise into your workout routine for bigger arms.

The clayton curl exercise is a three-phase exercise that starts by adopting a split stance with the low cable attachment behind you.

The hand on the side of your back leg starts at—or just behind—your hip.


  1. Clayton Curl Exercise
    1. Imagine a pin connecting your elbow to the side of the body and maintain this position as you flex the elbow to peak contraction.
  2. Clayton Curl Exercise
    2. For the eccentric phase, you can imagine pushing your hand down just forward of your hip, moving toward your front pocket.
  3. Clayton Curl Exercise
    3. Push your elbow forward slightly as your hand moves down an imaginary vertical line.
  4. Clayton Curl Exercise
    4. At full extension, allow your hand to return to the starting position behind you, to perform another rep.