Prone Incline Biceps Curl


  1. Prone Incline Biceps Curl
    Grab a moderately loaded barbell (about 50% of what you would normally curl on a preacher bench), head over to an adjustable incline bench set to about 45 degrees, and lie prone (chest against bench) with the shoulders positioned near the top of the incline. You can either rest your knees on the seat of the bench or straddle it with legs to the sides. Have someone hand you the barbell, and take a shoulder-width grip.
  2. Prone Incline Biceps Curl
    Allow your arms to hang straight down to start, then begin slowly curling the barbell with movement only occurring at the elbow joint. Do not allow the elbows or shoulders to come forward at any point of the curling motion. After a hard contraction at the top, carefully lower back to the starting position.

Trainer’s Tips

  • This exercise can be made even more intense by keeping the wrists bent back while curling. By doing so, the forearm flexors are almost entirely removed from the movement.