Wenning Wrist Flicks

Man performing Wenning Wrist Flicks exercise for his arm workout
Courtesy of David Barr

The setup for performing the wenning wrist flicks is you need to imagine that you lock the flexed elbow at 90 degrees and perform a handshake motion at the wrist, with an open hand and neutral grip. When you point your fingers up and your thumb toward you, this is known as radial deviation. The opposite motion (in which you point your fingers down) is called ulnar deviation, and these movements are a great way to think of this next exercise. Sit on a bench with your forearms wresting on your thighs so that your wrists are free to move. Grab a kettlebell by the horns with a neutral grip so that it is inverted. This is the radially deviated starting position from which you begin the eccentric portion of the rep.


  1. Man performing Wenning Wrist Flicks exercise
    Resist the eccentric ulnar deviation so that the bottom of the bell dips downward and faces away from you.
  2. Man performing Wenning Wrist Flicks exercise
    Reverse the direction for the concentric portion of the rep.