Kettlebell ½ Figure 8 Balance Press to Lunge


  1. HE0218_FE_COMPD_12
    Hold the handle of a kettlebell in your right hand, feet shoulder width.
  2. HE0218_FE_COMPD_13
    Using hips, swing KB out 1 to 2 feet in front of you for momentum. Lower into a midsquat and pass KB through legs.
  3. Kettlebell ½ Figure 8 Balance Press to Lunge
    Pass from right hand to left in a ½ figure 8.
  4. HE0218_FE_COMPD_16
    Bring left hand to front of body as you pass the ball of the KB back into your right hand.
  5. HE0218_FE_COMPD_17
    Immediately send right foot back into a lunge until right knee nearly touches floor, while sending the KB in a straight arm overhead. Push through left heel and glutes to return to standing, grabbing handle of KB with left hand to continue on other side with a ½ figure 8 KB pass-through.