Reverse Pushup Burpee to Stand and Curl


  1. HE0218_FE_COMPD_18
    Stand holding a barbell with an underhand grip, feet hip width.
  2. HE0218_FE_COMPD_19
    Lower into a squat and place barbell on floor.
  3. Reverse Pushup Burpee to Stand and Curl
    With arms straight beneath shoulders and torso in a straight line, hop feet out behind you, feet as wide as shoulders.
  4. HE0218_FE_COMPD_21
    Immediately lower into a reverse-grip pushup on bar, elbows tracking behind you and close to your body. Press back up and hop feet in, landing with hips in midsquat.
  5. ½ Curl to Full Curl to Press
    Straighten legs and simultaneously curl bar to chest, elbows pinned at sides. Perform 2 curls.