You ate your egg whites and oatmeal and your shaker cup is filled with an ice-cold dose of your favorite pre-workout. But your iPod is filled with the same old workout playlist staples—the Rocky theme, Enter Sandman, Welcome to the Jungle—and you’re bored. Some new kick-ass tunes can be the shot of adrenaline you need to make your next workout the plateau-busting iron war it was meant to be. Here are some fresh picks, pulled straight from the playlists of the M&F editorial staff.

Keep in mind that you should always choose your playlist wisely. Listening to blues or reggae while trying to build muscle or go for an hour long, uphill run, won’t get you that in the zone. This playlist, a combination of rap, drum & bass, and heavy metal, will push you through to the end of your workout with the quick tempo and steady beats of all the tracks.