>> With a heart-quickening 36-26-36 figure, Amanda Carrier possesses more scenic curves than a canyon joyride. But fist-gnawing beauty isn’t the only reason to go gaga over this brown-eyed Louisiana girl. A few others:

>> She’s a training fiend: “I love weights,” says Amanda, whose five workouts a week firm up a body that can be seen on Coors Light billboards and in the upcoming indie film Dream State. “It’s like, my favorite thing. I love to lift heavy. I love to be strong. I love how muscles add so much shape to your body. It’s sexy to me.”

>> She can admit past mistakes: “When I was younger, I liked tall, thin guys, but now I like guys more my height and jacked up.”

>> She stands by her man (top amateur bodybuilder Stan McQuay): “Stan says I’m the reason he’s going to win Nationals this year. I’ve been feeding him well, and I’m his training partner. So you can write that down.”

>> She’s a natural masseuse: “I have really strong hands — it’s something I’ve always been told — and I have really good forearms, so I can give deep-tissue massages. I even incorporate my feet and elbows and stuff like that.” Great . . . we’ll bring the oil! M&F


A few more reasons to love Amanda Carrier.

She’ll fix you dinner . . . : “I’m an excellent cook. I’m from Louisiana, so every once in a while I’ll make Cajun food. My best dishes are etouffee and jambalaya.”
. . . and bring it to your door: “When I was 17, I delivered pizzas for Pizza Hut.” Were customers happy to see you? “Actually, no, they weren’t, because usually I was so late, they didn’t care how cute I was!”

She takes vacation seriously: “I have to get in shape because we’re going to Hawaii for two weeks. I want to look sexy in my bikini. There’s going to be tons of beautiful Hawaiian girls. I need to look hot!”

She’s got dietary discipline: “I eat pretty clean. I eat regular egg whites and brown-sugar oatmeal for breakfast, and I’ll put berries in it. And then for lunch I’ll have some tuna and brown rice, some green beans or broccoli, and then I’ll have chicken and sweet potatoes. Later I’ll have fish and broccoli, and then I’ll have a protein shake – I’ll blend it up and I’ll put glutamine in it. Finally I’ll have a sugar-free Popsicle or candy before I go to bed.”

She appreciates the little things: “The [M&F photo] shoot was fun. It was really cold. I was washing the car, but it was so freezing. But it was still fun; everyone said it was very Jessica Simpson-like. They warmed up the water for me – they were so sweet. They boiled water for me. It was really nice. And then at the end we just wanted to get the shoot over with, so I thought, ‘Forget it, I’ll just use cold water.’”

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