As anyone with proper vision can observe, Barbara Kamali is not your ordinary woman. But she’s not even your ordinary extremely hot woman. When she’s not dropping jaws and stirring souls in limited attire — as she does in the 2006 Fitwings calendar — this green-eyed beauty runs a top broker — age firm at the New York Mercantile Exchange. As executive director of operations for MK Brokerage, Barbara oversees 10 brokers and 20 clerks. (Think Trading Places, only instead of orange juice, her commodities are crude oil and natural gas.) “It’s a lot of risk,” says Barbara. “One day you can make $400,000, the next you can lose $200,000.” How does she stay fit? With six mini-meals a day, such as oatmeal, fruit, chicken, steak, fish and, for dessert, sugar-free Popsicles. Then four visits to the gym per week, spending 30 minutes on the StepMill or treadmill and 30 minutes on either upper- or lower-body machines. “I like to get it done and get out,” she says. “My husband is the opposite. He loves hanging out in the gym, which is great for him.” Right, her husband.

At a party at a New York club after the 2002 Night of Champions, Barbara was standing at the bar, shouting for a water, when suddenly she found herself face-to-face with the show’s emcee, IFBB pro King Kamali. What the two did next was like something out of a Hollywood dream sequence. “He said, ‘Hi,’ and I said, ‘Hello,’ and then we started kissing,” she says. They spent the next 12 hours together, kissing and talking. Within a year they were married. To which we respond: Wow, he really is the King.