Fans of the Bravo series Work Out will recognize Rebecca Cardon as the flirtatious trainer with an aversion to underwear. Far from being just another pretty face negotiating the sexually fluid sanctum of high-class personal training at the show's Sky Sport & Spa gym in Beverly Hills, the Virginia native has a serious weightlifting credential behind her name: She holds a world record in the bench press. That's right, a world record in a sport dominated by guys with bay-windowed bellies and bad teeth.

"At 15, I was growing very distant from my father, as adolescents do with their parents," she says. "So as a bonding thing I went with him to the gym. We started bench pressing, and he realized that after my first attempt at lifting I was 5 pounds off the state record." A few months later, in the 90-pound class for 15—16-year-old girls, she set that record at 90 pounds. The U.S. record was next, which she set at 110 pounds. Then, as a 105-pound 17-year old, she eclipsed the 117.5-pound world record with a bench of 13o. "The old world record had been in place for many years when I broke it," she says. "And I still hold it."

Where she gets her strength doesn't come as much of a surprise. "My father is constantly setting world records," she says. "He set one at 367 pounds in the Masters division weighing 160. He's one of four boys, and they're all very muscular and very built. It's a genetic thing." M&F

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A few more things that you probably didn't know about Rebecca …

In the beginning
At 5, my father would take me with him to the gym on Saturdays. Early on he started me with pull-ups, and I remember being able to do 20 when I was 5. I can still do 20.

Why L.A.?
I came to L.A., like many girls, to pursue the acting thing. My first lead was in a movie called The Guatemala Incident. Then I did a short called Nice Pants. My next lead was in a movie called The Desert Fox.

Getting into fitness
I booked the Amazing Race, and I was propelled into the fitness world because the show was so hyper focused on my strength and my physique.

I am a personal trainer and a spin teacher, but it's not my focus at the moment. Most of my time is devoted to Work Out.

I had a radio show called Reality This Week. I hosted it with Rob Cesternino from Survivor. He and I had guests that had been kicked off reality shows that week. It was a really fun gig while it lasted.

Ultimate Hollywood hope
To have a fitness and travel show. I want to affect people on large a scale with what I do in the fitness world.