During our weekly trawl of the Internet we look for funny videos or videos that might take us out of our own shells to appreciate the extraordinary efforts of others.

Well this week, we found a doozy. Arthur Boorman was a disabled Vietnam veteran who tried to incorporate Yoga in an effort to fulfill his dream of walking unassisted. No one would take him on except Diamond Dallas Page, a former wrestler.

Boorman followed the Diamond Dallas Page yoga program, and the results speak for themselves.

“I was up late, on a search engine just typing different things, and I typed in yoga and broken back, and up popped Dallas’ page,” was how Boorman described finding Page, according to ABC.

That one search yielded a result that changed his life forever. Whether yoga is your thing or not, you can’t but admire Boorman’s resolve to literally pick himself off the ground and keep going.

They say it’s not the man in the fight, but the fight in the man that really counts. If that is the case, Boorman is a true warrior.