Iowa State University has its rich history of agriculture to thank for having one of the college scene’s cleanest diets.

A nearby farm, AG450, is the nation’s only student-managed farm at a land-grant college. Farmer or not, student dining options are sourced from 35 local farms. 

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On the fitness front, ISU has a plethora of sports facilities: two climbing walls, more than 20 basketball courts, and a variety of outdoor sports equipment from kayaks to bicycles. But at ISU, one activity is truly king: wrestling.

 A Wrestling Culture


“The culture of wrestling in Iowa is very intense,” says Josh Beauregard, assistant strength and conditioning coach for Olympic sports. “You have these kids who start wrestling at 4 years old and stay with it.”

ISU’s wrestling program became the first to reach 1,000 dual wins in 2010, and it has won eight NCAA national championships. To cement their own legacy, today’s ISU wrestlers practice four days a week and lift three to five days a week in one of the school’s three weight rooms.

“By training most of the whole body three days a week, we’re facilitating the motor learning that takes place in the wrestling room,” says Beauregard. “We’re efficient. We get big results, but without all the flash.” 

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