Few things scream, “I’m a complete fitness junkie” like having a power rack in your garage. Hey, if it were up to us, everyone’s home would be outfitted with a competition bench, too. But as cool as that sounds, you’ve got to be extra selective when building a home gym, and versatility is king. That’s why we love the Rogue Yoke.

Like a power rack, it has adjustable J-hooks that let you set the bar where you need it for squatting, benching, and any other barbell movement. A thick, adjustable-height crossbar lets you carry the entire unit across your shoulders like a yoke frame, and skis at the base let you push it like a sled. All four legs also have plate-loading pegs so you can make your next conditioning session the brutal stuff of legend.

Verdict: The Rogue Yoke is a heavy-duty all-in-one that doesn’t halfass any of its promises.

Product Info: Shop at http://www.roguefitness.com