I'm 11 days out today and I again adjusted my diet a little bit. My goal is conditioning and combine that with my fullness and roundness and I hope I can present the winning package this time. 6am I got to have my cup of black coffee, 20 min later cardio. I dropped my cardio to only 30min in the morning. 8am meal#1 8oz chicken, 4 eggwhites, 1 cup of oatmeal. 11am meal#2 9oz cod fish, 1/2 cup brown rice 2pm meal#3 9oz chicken, 1/2 cup brown rice 5pm meal#4 9oz cod fish, 1/2 cup brown rice 8pm meal#5 9oz cod fish, 1/2 cup brown rice 11pm meal#6 10oz cod fish, 1 cup asparagus I will probably do this all the way up to next week Tuesday, then I will most likely add some more carbs back and stop the sodium. I feel great and I really like my look for 11 days out. George and I only had 5 weeks getting ready for New York but we knew we were on the right track, this time we had 11 weeks and it's all coming together just as planned. Stay tunned for more updates going into Tampa, Dallas and of course the Superbowl the Mr.Olympia, only here on FLEXONLINE.COM. Mr. Alex Ardenti arrived last night here in Phoenix since today we will be shooting photos and videos for my new sponsor "PROBIOTICA" I'm excited to be a part of team Probiotica, they have a large variety of great products and I'm sure they will establish themself here in the US. www.probiotica.com.br PEACE DJ