People have been asking how training has been and how I expect the 2012 contest season to pan out. So here goes….

I've been training consistently, training hard, and most importantly training SMART. Those of you that follow me on facebook or on my email newsletter know that I have been lucky enough to work with training legend and genius, Charles Poliquin.

I first went to work with Charles in May, when he brought me out to shoot some pictures for his upcoming book. I had been reading his stuff since I was a kid in high school so this was a big deal to me. For those of you that don’t know of Charles, he is basically the guy writing the textbooks. He is the guy teaching YOUR trainers….for the last 25 years or so.

My first experience with him was eye opening. He has trained so many Olympic and world champion athletes, the guy just straight “gets” what it takes to demand the most of your body.  I don’t think ive learned more about nutrition and supplements in my life. I wish I had a note pad or tape recorder. (That would’ve looked cool!)  

Charles trained me at least twice a day every day for 5 days. (there was one day where we trained 3 times).  The way this guy views the body is incredible. He can look at someone and notice something tiny like a minor rotation at the shoulder, fix it, and now you feel the exercise completely differently.

Charles completely overhauled my nutrition and supplement regime.  Within 3 weeks I felt like a new man. No more ups and downs in energy. My workout pumps were insane! 

It was an eye opening week for me, and definitely changed my approach to many things. So much so that I INSISTED that Charles and I put on a Hypertrophy Camp so that my clients, friends and fans could benefit from the experience I just had.

(Its in January, and sold out in 48hrs. I will do my best to make sure there is more in the future don’t worry.) I will be sure to blog all about it on here and on my personal website.

Anyway, this week with Poliquin made me realize something about the fitness and bodybuilding industry. It made me realize that the GAP between the people at the top, and the people who may just be starting out, or have less knowledge in the area is ENORMOUS.  It is probably greater than any other athletic endeavor.

The things that beginners believe to be true, and the things that the authorities KNOW to be true are completely different. It really set me thinking about WHY?  Why is everything just so UNCERTAIN in our industry? Why aren’t people getting more accurate information?

After leaving Rhode Island that week, I started writing down everything I saw that was an example of what people could improve on. Where was the real gap in nutrition, exercise execution, exercise concepts etc.  Why aren’t people getting the results theyre after?

It really seemed to boil down to just a few basic things that could be fixed to allow more people to achieve the goals they set for themselves. The problem is that everyone is making the same mistakes, so it’s the blind leading the blind scenario.

Take this week to find some thing that YOU can improve about your training. Next week nutrition. The weekly after that, flexibility or mental focus.

Hopefully I stimulate some of you to go out and seek the best information.  Don’t assume you CANT build muscle or CANT get lean.  Maybe you just haven’t found the best info out there. Always consider your sources!!

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Have an awesome week!

Learn one thing everyday.