After 4 weeks of writing my new book in Toronto and training only a couple times a week, my little offseason break is over and time to get back to work! My first few weeks in Tampa has been great. Training at Downtown Powerhouse and doing my best to establish an energy of focus and intent in my new home. I’m a big believer in the fact that life is all about habits you create. You either make life easy, or you make it challenging based on the habits that have formed from daily activities and routines. Every time I move, I make it a point to form the habits that I am looking to carry forward from the minute I arrive there. If I want to eat well in the future, don’t buy junk food. Only eat the foods that you want to see yourself eating in an ideal situation. Ever notice how you might justify eating different foods that you would otherwise never eat when you go home to visit parents, or grandparents? It’s because you’re used to eating that way when you’re in that environment. Or that you might justify having a few drinks when you meet up with old college buddies? Even though you don’t really do that anymore! Old habits die hard peeps! You’re brain associates people and places with certain habits you have built in those surroundings. This is one of my “tricks” to success! My new program and nutrition plan is designed and implementation has begun. Many new variables have been included this year that have never been considered before. As always, I make it a point to make drastic changes from show to show, and this year is going to be no exception. I am training 5 days a week most weeks. Some weeks I back that down to 4 days, but I train twice a day. This is the first year in awhile that I have someone overseeing my periodization and keeping track on my body’s ability to recover and grow. I feel like a kid at Christmas every time I start implementing a new program. Its just so interesting to me to see what amazing changes I will undergo. I am stronger than ever and my body feels healthy and injury free. I will be bringing an even more balanced physique to the stage this year. Current Split: M-Back T-Chest/Biceps W-OFF Th-Shoulders/Tris F-Back Sat-Legs S-OFF (This is every other week, one week I train back twice, one week I train it once and take the extra day off) Some of you may have noticed on my personal blog or on my fan page that I am training certain body parts twice in one day…..yup, this is true! I wouldn’t recommend it for most people. There are just way too many variables to consider before undertaking this type of training program. BUT, if you’re looking to make some sick gains really fast…I am including a section on it in my new book. Which is to be released this fall! Keep striving for greatness in all that you do! BPak