Predjudging is over and I feel great. I did what I said I was going to do and came in tighter and improved from last weeks Tampa show. I was maybe 1-2 lbs lighter but it showed and from the call outs I think the judges saw that I did my homework. George Farah was also verry happy and he as he is a big part of me finally finding the formula to dial me in and peak the day of the show instead of a couple of weeks early or late. We went and had some food right after prejudging since I needed to make sure that I don't flatten out to much between prejudging and the finals which are on 2 seperate days. Yes I had again a nice cheeseburger with a big green salad, and from there I went to the Italian restaurant and had some pasta with tomatoe sauce and some grilled chicken on top. 1 glas of diet pepsi and that was it . Straight to bed and I was out like a baby, lol. Just woke up it's 6am in the morning Carla from Pro Tan came by to apply another coat of Pro Tan and now I'm slowly getting ready for my first breakfast of today. I need to calculate a bit because the finals will start at 2.30pm so there won't be alot of eating going on from now til then, probably one moderate and 2 more small meals . Trying to make up my mind what I will eat for my first breakfast. I think my meals will look like this Meal 1 7am pancake and eggs meal 2 9.30am ground beef pattie and white rice meal 3 12.00pm chicken and rice That's it until after the show, water NO more water until I'm done with my posing routine today. I do not want to come back anything less than last night eve a bit fuller and tighter is our plan. Check back for thoughts after the show. All the best DJ