Photos and report from Men’s and Women’s bodybuilding at the 2008 NPC Nationals

by David Lee

November 21, 2008


Four months ago in Las Vegas, Ed Nunn won the super heavyweight class but narrowly missed out on winning his pro card. At the 2008 NPC Nationals in Atlanta, Georgia, on Friday night, Nunn looked to be ready to take his game to the next level.

Much like he did at the USAs in July, Nunn overwhelmed a strong super heavyweight class the moment he stepped onstage with substantial improvements to his upper body, which, when combined with perhaps the best wheels in the show, was simply too much for the rest of the field.

Veteran Grigori Atoyan showed up with one of his best overall showing to date, and should secure a solid second to Nunn. The fight for third and fourth is a tight race between a much improved Trey Brewer, newcomer Steve Kuclo, and monstrous Malcom Marshall.

The battle of the evening was the hotly contested heavyweight duel between Michael Liberatore and Mark Alvisi. Liberatore, the precontest favorite based on his runner-up finish to Brandon Curry at the USAs, was not as sharp as we’ve come to expect. As a result, he now has a fight on his hands with a razor-sharp Alvisi, who is much improved from his fourth-place finish in Las Vegas and appears to be beating Liberatore at his own game. The surprise of the class was Anthoneil Champagnie, who is hot on the heels of the two front runners with his flowing lines and beautiful symmetry.

Peter Putnam, in his fourth bid for that elusive pro card, dominated a disappointing light heavyweight class on the strength of his overall thickness and crazy wheels. Al Auguste, Putnam’s primary concern, did not have enough hardness to be a real threat while Chulsey Graham followed in a firmly in third.

Ronald Torres and Gaetano Cisternino Jr. appear to be the cream of the crop in the middleweight class. Torres’ impressive shoulder-to-waist ratio and overall thickness should give him the slight edge and the inside track to a pro card.

This year’s pro qualifier held a record number of men’s competitors. We’ll have to wait ’till tomorrow evening’s finals to see who grabs up the final pro cards of the 2008 season.


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Paul Gillison
Norman Sasnett
Francisco Fontanez
Scott Foster
Calvin Choy
Steven Reilly
Michael Echevarria
Danielo Stephenson
Rafael Campuzano
Fernando Abaco
Johnny McKnight IV
Andre Hill
Timoney Fernandez
George Gibson
Arthur Santellan
Magellan Damasco
Blue Taylor
Bantamweight Comparisons

Chris Groetsch
Paul Aigbirior
Leonardo Racheco
Kelly Bautista
Travis Rogers
Kelvin Moore
Joshua Katz
Tim Sahr
Ray Douglas
Marvin Ward
Oley Atkins
Jeff Olcsvary
Tom Silavanh
Gene Johnson
Roosevelt Woodard
Jabar Miles
Lightweight Comparisons

J B Bartlett
Elie Neufeld
Stephen Comella
Mike Davis
Robert Owens
George Maiorano
Ralph Gaxiola III
Jesus Martinez
Vincent Que
Kevin Ofurum
Martin Poupa
Alejandro Garza
Alex Azarian
Joseph Frank Diaz
Eddie Foster
Daniel Rocha
Jocelyn Jean
Tommie Robertson Jr
Travis French
Kent Bierly
Joseph Mobareki
Mark Ritter
Samuel Santos
Sean Smith
Theodore Atkins Jr
Tim Ward
Steven Boswell
Welterweight Comparisons

Sascha Pasquet
Michael Elgawly
Blas Montalvo
Ronald Torres
Gaetano Cisternino Jr
Ryan Walters
Jeff Cook
Robt Justin Swinney
Jamie Rivera
Lorenzo Jones
Kam Gallman
Dan Serota
Michael Cotton
Earakin Presley
Gene Sanidad
R.D. Caldwell
Howard Fields
Middleweight Comparisons

Kenneth Jackson
Jeff Schwartzer
Darrell Williams
Marijan Lipsinic
Lloyd Dollar
Joshua Fred
Chulsey Graham
Miguel Garcia
Mike Yablor
Monty Marby
Michael Bailey
Donald Mitcham
Brad Davis
Bryan Pazdzierz
Peter Putnam
Mitchell Staats
Johnathan Johnson
Darrell Terrell
Rodney Burton
Robert Miller
Jermaine Bell
John Foster
Jonathan Oxford
Joe McRae
Alan Bailey
Al Auguste
Marcos Teixeira
Stephen Tsitas
Fidel Taylor
Jason Palafox
Manny Torres
Jonathan Del La Rosa
Daryl Broughton
David Bair
Odis McCullough
Anthony Pettigrew
Craig Torres
Yousef Carnegie
J. David Dorsey
Lam Chenevert
Dveon Bender
Light Heavyweight Comparisons

Zinjun Croon
Randy Moore
Simi Tufunga
Rodney “Chris” Thomas
Mark Alvisi
Michael Liberatore
Fred Smalls II
Mike Knowles
Dennis Hopson
David Fenty
Vladimir Sizov
Anthoneil Champagnie
Jea Jung
Steven Nix
Tim Liggins
Jason Huh
Jason Marcus
Jeff Long
Kevin Ledoux
Gerald Williams
Martin Sandoval
Jack Colten
Michael Moore
David Fisch
Marvin Harper Jr.
Rasheed Oldacre
Paul DeSimone
Marvin Phillips Jr
Dan Decker
Heavyweight Comparisons

Trey Brewer
Sean Allan
Edward Nunn
Malcolm Marshall
Stephen Frazier
Eboni Wilson
Kim Williams
Wondell LeFlore
Grigori Atoyan
Gabriel Latifi
Korbie Nitiforo
Steve Brydges
Stephen Kuclo
Rudy Richards
Micah Hooker
Kevin Reeves
Mike Eastlake
Sven Maldonado
Marion Foots
Ryan Watson
Drew Jemmott
Taylor Boyd Jr
Dan Newmire
Aaron Boniecki
Superheavyweight Comparisons

Veronica Tsai Trefzer
Linda Estavillo
Glenda Bozett
Tammy Patnode
Rita Rae
Maria Carolina Davis
Lisa James
Lori Steele
R Tera Guzman
Margaret Negrete
Ellen Woodley
Barbara Fletcher
Olga Barthlett
Lightweight Comparisons

Suha Qasem
Janet Kauffman
Julia Korfhage
Claire Rohrbacker O’Connell
Diana Tinnelle
Akila Pervis
Patricia Houston
Jodie Bruce
Tracy Mason
Dee Lazard
Gail Bowles
Kim Grimes
Janello Gallo
Lissa Middleton
Sarah Mathison
Rachel A McMillan
Middleweight Comparisons

Karen Choat
Anita Nikolich
Cindy Johnson
Migdalia Fernandez
Kate Cooper
Rose Kasallis
Elena Sieple
Lille Marlene Ewing
Amy Neal
Myra Adams
Jessica Work
Monique Hayes
Calesa McMahon
Kris Clark
Yvette Smith
Yahaira Agosto Vives
Bonnie Pappas
Lisette Acevedo
Light Heavyweight Comparisons

Joelle Bernard
Caroline Byrd
Debra Baker
Krista Myers
NeKole Hamrick
Lainie Sleppin
Sheila Bleck
Shelly Fields
Christina Rhoads
Amber DeFrancesco
Jennifer Giuttierrez
Monique Jones
Julie Peavey
Andrea Thiel
Gretchen Crass
Tammy Jones
Aleesha Young
Mary Elizabeth Hobbs
Casey Daugherty
Christy Donat
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