Pro bodybuilding, fitness and figure in Orlando, Florida


April 16, 2009


The 2009 Europa Show of Champions debuts April 17-18 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida, featuring IFBB Pro League men’s bodybuilding, fitness and figure and NPC men’s and women’s bodybuilding, fitness, figure and bikini. Plus, at the expo you can catch UFC legend Matt Hughes, martial arts, powerlifting and arm wrestling, hot mom and cover model contests and several other exciting events.

The favorites are Hidetada Yamagishi, who placed fourth at the ’09 Ironman Pro earlier this year, Darrem Charles, who’s best placings of the ’08 season were third and 1st in the Atlantic City Pro and Atlantic City Pro Masters, respectively, and a much improved Sergey Shelestov, coming off an eighth place finish at the ’09 Arnold Classic.

The front runners are Shannon Meteraud, who captured her first pro victory one week ago at the New York Pro Fitness and Tina Durkin, who placed third at the same show.

Monica Brant, Heather Mae French, Erin Stern and Nicole Wilkins-Lee lead a field of twenty-eight competitors all vying for top three and a trip to the Figure Olympia in September.

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WHAT: Europa Show of Champions
WHERE: Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, Florida
WHEN: Friday-Saturday, April 17-18

Alves, Troy
Bautista, Franco
Carrasco, Raul
Charles, Darrem
Deckard, Omar
Dexter, Oscar
Farah, George
Haman, Andy
Holloway Jr., Milton
Long, Don
Rowe, Jonathan
Sauvage, Frederic
Seccarecci, Daniele
Shelestov, Sergey
Simmons, John
Wonsley, Nathan
Yamagishi, Hidetada

Blanchard, Maggie
Booth-Palmer, Jessica
Capes, Myriam
Dey, Shannon
Durkin, Tina
Frederick, Melissa
Graber, Ryall
Hughes, Liza
Jones, Donna
Meteraud, Shannon
Newton, Leslie Rae
O’Brien, Mindi
Polk, Mandy
Riley, Erin
Silva, Siene

Bernardo, Aymara
Brant, Monica
Brown, Deanne
Calland, Natalie
Cammon, Rachel
French, Heather Mae
Gardner, Brandie
Haines, Valerie
Halikka, Lisbeth
Hernandez, Alana
Holland, Catherine
Jimenez, Ines
Keene, Candice
Kerr, Cea Anna
Martin, Amy Lee
Mertl, Petra
Migliacci, Jennifer
Nelson-Etiz, Hazal
Neverauskaite, Inga
Nunn, Kristin
Pitcher-Scott, Nicole
Porter, Marcy
Stern, Erin
Sutter, Laura
Taucher, Shelly
Waples, Natalie
Wilkins-Lee, Nicole
Williams, Karen