The 12 Best WWE Summerslam Moments of All-TimeName: Beth Hagendorf

Age: 30

Height: 5'4"

Weight: 119lbs

Lives: La Jolla, CA

Small Town Girl

Beth Hagendorf is a southern girl raised on a cattle ranch in small town, Columbus TX and graduated in sociology and minor in psychology from Texas A&M University. In 2004 Beth moved to Austin TX to begin her career in the mortgage industry and built a 3 story glass house.

The Fitness Community

In 2011 she moved to CA seeking bigger challenges. As a natural athlete Beth began to focus sincerely on her weight training in CA. Since then she has achieved her goal to become a bodybuilder and has made a name for herself within the fitness community. Her bikini contest quickly lead her into modeling where she has an instinctive aptitude with the camera.

She's Great on Camera!

On stage she learned to let her personality shine and found she loved to speak and perform. She currently is a host on TV show The Talk of San Diego and filming summer movie projects. Her buoyant genuine personality is contagious and she can best be describe as inspiring.  She wants to share her pleasant nature with the world.

A Little More About Beth Hagendorf

1.  Favorite thing about working out (why do you do it)? 
– I love the energy high you get while working out to the perfect song. I also love that clean pure amazing feeling you have the rest of the day from a workout.

2.  What or who got you started working out?
– I was always envious of the super fit girls I would see in the gym. I also was a big athlete in High School. I was on the powerlifting team and always loved moving iron around. In my latter 20s I was fed up with my bad physique, I wanted to get that body back and try and model or doing something  cool.

3.  Role models/influences to start working out seriously?
– I am a self starter so I just randomly got into this on my own. I was training and met Spencer Aiken from True Fitness gym in San Diego he took me to watch my first show. I knew at that moment I had to get me a hot pic on stage. I can emulate alot of the IFBB Pro Bikini girls walks and posing routines. That's how much I have watched, studied, and look up to them. I always joked it is the same how a football team will watch football tapes. My favorite IFBB pro is Nathalia Mello hands down. Beside her posing, glutes, and smile I believe she is genuine and humble. I think thats what matters most in this industry.

4.  Favorite meal when you are getting lean?
– I eat a low carb almond butter sandwich, NUMMY! (bread from Julian bakery) Cal 428, NetCarb 9, Protein 32

5.  Favorite cheat meal?
– Beer n Pizza or Burger n Fries awe heck also being from TX its Salty Margarita's n Queso

6.  What are your goals in the fitness industry? If you win the FLEX Bikini Model Search, what would that mean and what would you do with the title?
– I know with the Title it would be perfect timing for my life's path. I would be obliged and honored and truthfully I would market the crap out of it online.  Ever since I found my confidence through body building my life has taken off on a fast track. In the fall I will be hosting a fitness tv show. I am unable to really say much else about the project but I know I will be able to shine alot of light on the amazing world of fitness and what it does for peoples life's. I'm also toying with the idea of competing for my pro card Nov 9th in Atlanta since I was in the off season for most of the pro qualifying shows this year.

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