Felicia Romero wins California Pro Figure Championships

by Allan Donnelly

May 25, 2008


May has been a good month for Felicia Romero. Magazine cover? Check. Professional Figure win? Check.

Romero began the month by gracing the cover of the 2008 FLEX Swimsuit issue and on Saturday night she brought it to a close by winning the California Pro Figure Championships at Veteran’s Memorial Auditorium in Culver City on Saturday night. The win was the second of Romero’s career in only five professional contests.

“This one was a sweeter win than the first one because a lot of my friends and family were here,” said Romero, who resides in Arizona. “My first pro win was nice but this was nicer.”

(Pictured Below: Romero)

Romero now sets her sights on the Houston Pro Figure Championships on July 4-5. After that, it will be on to the Figure Olympia, where she plans to improve on her finish at last year’s Olympia, where she placed out of the top 15.

“My mindset makes me more of a player at the Olympia this year,” Romero said. “I feel more confident and that I can better match up with the top girls. Last year, just getting there was definitely a bonus.”

Heather Mae French and Kristi Tauti finished second and third, respectively, to also earn qualifications to this year’s Figure Olympia. The runner-up finish was the second successful outing for French, who placed fourth at the Pittsburgh Pro Figure Championships earlier in the month.

(pictured below, L to R: French, Tauti)

Huong Arcinas (fourth) and Darlina Brown (fifth) rounded out the top five.

(pictured below, L to R: Arcinas, Brown)

Final Results
(click on a name to see photo gallery)
1. Felicia Romero
2. Heather Mae French
3. Kristi Tauti
4. Huong Arcinas
5. Darlina Brown
6. Heather Green
7. April Forter
8. Hazal Nelson
9. Andrea Dumon
10. Michele Mayberry
11. Meriza DeGuzman
12. Tammy Strome
13. Angela Terlesky
14. Petra Mertl
15. Waleska Valle
16. Nicole Scott-Pitcher
17T. Stacy Clary
17T. Maria Del Consuelo Figueroa
17T. Nancy Georges
17T. Celeste Gonzalez
17T. Anna Larsson
17T. Leslie Morris
17T. Kirsten Nicewarner
17T. Tammy Strome
17T. Masae Tagami

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